i'm looking to make a forum, but have yet to find an easy and free one.
i've tried invision free, and forumotion.
any ideas??
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r u thinkin of makin ur own ultimate guitarz?

He is looking for a free forum making website, not some way to make a free website moron.

EDIT: Sorry man I do not know of any websites.
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invision free. TRY AGAIN GOD DAMN YOU!
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it's for a game i play.
well i made a forum motion account but i don't understand how to make more catagories and stuff. same with invision free. if you've ever seen webs.com forums they're really easy to use, and i like that, but the sites take forever to load(not just my computer)
i just need help with how to make different "forums" on forummotion to put diff. catagories in.
i've read how but it makes no sense! help?