I just got back from a dress rehearsal for my high school variety show tomorrow, and while I was there a kid I know asked me to play dueling banjos in it with him. His brother and him have been practicing for a while, and they just wantd a guitar in the background, luckily I started learning it a while ago. I'm on guitar, and they're doing mandolin and banjo. I'm not doing anything complicated in it, i'm mainly just a background to they're i guess you'd call it solos. The progression is C-G-D-G, then it repeats that, and I'm stuck on G for a while while theres a mandolin solo. So are there any bass runs I could do to spice up the G chord a little bit? It gets kinda boring...

I realized this is a wall of text, so...

What bass runs can I add to a G chord to spice it up for dueling banjos.
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Don't really know the song but you could just toos in a few sus 2 and 4 chords and change the volume of your strumming a little to add some variety. Just an idea
Do you mean rolling bass lines, like walking down the bass strings before the next chord, or do you mean you're playing the bass?

The obvious one from G to C would be


Or replace that open E with the root of the C chord. Just mess about with it till you get something that fits.
Try from G - C then a riff in between (you'll have to listen to the song to know what I mean), the song does actually have a bass line through it. When the others are doing their solos you may want to leave a break between chords, Mandolins aren't the loudest of instruments.