I'm hoping to get a little help from UG. I'm writing my dissertation in my final year at uni, which looks at the online community here. Im hoping to get a couple of simple e-mail interviews from a couple of the members here but Im not sure where to post the request.

I know the pit would be the obvious answer and I'm sure there would be a couple of responses there that weren't totally shooting me down, but I'm looking for a couple of the more senior, serious members to help me out but dont want to spam the musician and instrument forums with an unrelated thread.

Any ideas?

Thanks very much.
you might wanna try pm-ing a few of the mods and some of the more well known/respected/senior UGers about doing interviews instead of just putting it in the forums, you might just get better responses that way

i dont know who exactly you were hoping to target for interviews but i wouldn't mind helping you out as long as it's not some 12 page super in depth thing
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Unfortunately, since the question is in no way guitar related, the only place to post the thread would be The Pit. I'm sure you will get some pathetic responses, but you will have to filter out the serious ones yourself. Or, if you want a more direct and personal approach, you can find trustworthy posters and private message them.

Thanks very much for the advice mate - Ill get on that.

Thanks for the offer too, I'll take you up on it. There's nothing too in-depth at all, just a few questions that you can write as much or as little as you like on. I can PM you them, hopefully within the week, if you don't mind.

Edit: AeroRocker- thanks for the advice too. I can imagine the typical pit responses to severely outweigh the useable one, but you're right - I might just have to man up and take it!
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