Yesterday while playing my guitar (a schecter c-1 with duncan blackout clones) started to loose volume and gain,worse in the neck position almost no sound.It takes about 15 minutes of playing for this to happen.Guitar sounds thin with no bite and lacking any kind of gain.Installed a new battery,swapped out amp cables.This does not happen with other guitars so that rules out the amp.If guitar is left to sit a couple of hours and then played it starts off sounding fine and then fifteen to twenty minutes into playing this will happen all of the time.Is it possible this thing has a bad volume pot or something else electrical going on internally? Figure i would ask to see if anyone has experianced this before i send it off for repair.
i think thats something only the repair can fix
but it might be a wiring/soldering problem
but i am not quite sure because i have never had it happen to me
sorry i cant be of more help
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maybe a pot died. I don't know. Check the wiring.
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sounds like the power supply. maybe its the wiring that connects it to the battery or possibly somethings wrong with the wiring that causes the battery to go dead quickly like a short or something?
Dead battery, throw a new 9 volt in there.

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