this is out of box new no scratches no dings nothing. i still have all box candy, box, and all foam and stuff. will consider any trade. selling for 440 shipped or if you pick it up it will be 400. i am in new york city.
For some reason these are hard to unload. I see them used all of the time on Craig'sList and Harmony Central. Most go for 325-350 in the same condition. Maybe try lowering your price. Me, I'm waiting to find one for 300$. Best I found was 325$ local in NJ through CL. Good luck and a free bump.
I want one of these really badly, but I just can't bring myself to shell out 400 bucks for one.

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on ebay they still go for around 400 dollars and like 40 for shipping. iam really looking to trade it for gear but cash it good too.
Still Avail?
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still got it? i got a baritone electric with gigbag. i can throw in a couple of pedals as well.
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