iam sell a dean razorback 255 7 string white and black. this is the rare model as dean stop making this guitar in this color after about 6 months of production. iam open to any offers just shoot and i'll think about it.
lol oh i didnt know that should read the rules... and i'll try to post up pics by tommorow. all these look the same really. i didnt mod it in any way so it should be the same as the original.
Yea, but people like to see the goods before they buy. What exactly are you looking for? The ibanez in my sig? maybe?
if it was for a rg i would trade it for a rg5320 i think that is the one with the floating bridge. or the new rgs that came out with flame tops.
This thread is useless without pictures
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pm sent.
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Is there any way u could post the pics up in forum not by pm
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i will try to post pictures as soon as i can i cant find my camera yet but i will try to find it tonight.
Quote by WTF!!is a TAB
Pics?? and

you do have something i want which is the peavey XXX. my guitar and your amp is worth the same price so i think that would be a good trade.
^ that was a lend.
i dont have it anymore.
and it is a hot rodded verison.
EL34's and a new transformer and schtufff.... which cost more than a regular XXX.
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^how much??
PSN USERNAME: MetuulGuitarist7
feel free to add me
my asking price right now is 850 plus shipping which is 40-50 for shipping. it comes with the hardshell case and everything. seeing how dean dont make this model in this color anymore i think it's a hair price seeing how it's already a rare piece. but you can make offers i will consider all reasonable offers.
i have a white dean razorback 7 string for sale or trade. iam only interested in electrical guitar stuff so no gaming systems bass drum or anything like that. this is the rare model of this guitar only was in production for about 6 months during 2007. dean no longer make the white and black razorback 7 string anymore only the black and yellow one. it comes with everything including the hardshell case.





just give me offers and i'll consider them any offers at all.