My Gibson Flying V jr. w/ P-90 Project

My friend sent me this link about a year ago and haven’t been able to get it out of my head.


That red V in the first 4 pictures of the write up is HAWT!!!!!!

I was hooked as soon as I saw this pic. Knowing Gibson would never make a V with P-90’s and since I know how to use a soldering iron, I decided to make my own with a minor twist. I'm setting my project V up to kind of look like a “Flying V Jr.” would if Gibson made one back in the day.

I am using a faded red Gibson V with black pickguard & truss rod cover, a single Seymour Duncan P-90 in the bridge and just a volume control.

Here’s a teaser picture of the donor V body I got from eBay before polishing.

I got my custom pickguard from here… http://www.terrapinisland.com/estore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=65&products_id=192

pickguard test fit picture.

ATTN: Gibson

Why don't you make V's with black pickguards and truss rod covers?

First I had to make a new lead for the SD Hot P-90 I got for free

All wired up

...almost looks like a guitar:p

I guess this is the only other pic I need to post...here it is.....ta da!!!!

My Gibson Flying V jr.
Nice guitar mang
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It sounds awesome but will need a few days to give a real review.

The faded V's have a crap finish...no clear coat.
This belongs in the Guitar Building and Customizing forum.
Pretty cool though.
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awesome build man. great job
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The top of the pickguard near the neck needs to be beveled to get the white edge exposed. Small detail, but yours looks like it was chopped. (matter of fact, so do some of the others in that link.) Finish that detail and I'll be damn jealous.

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I just got back from the studio and it sounds really good!

It's just as deep and heavy as any other Gibson V I've owned but it's brighter and sounds like it's singing a bit more. I don't know how to explain it.
I'd love that shirt, too... but I'm'a vegi now... god, do I miss bacon. In anycase. Yeah, that's a sweet looking guitar. I can only imagine what it sounds like. I mean... it must sound NOTHING like it looks, you know what I mean? People see the "V" and think, "hardcore!" and you'll get these awesome, thick P-90 tones from it... god bless, man.
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Nice build man, thats pretty cool.
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Thanks everyone I think this V just replaced my Joan Jett Melody Maker as my #1 Guitar

I also can't believe how cheap this was to put together...

The Used Gibson V Body was $400

Custom Pickguard was $42

Truss rod cover was $18

The pickup was free from a friend and all the supporting hardware I had around the house.
Man, I love that guitar!
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what does clear coat do? Im stupid when it comes to guitar modifing and stuff ><

It's just a clear shell over the paint to protect the finish and make it shine.

The faded Gibsons are just stained a color.
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