Hey guys, I'm playing at the House of Blues on Sunday and I need a Good Overdrive Pedal for my gear, something to give me that Slash tone. I have The Slash gold top and Fender deluxe tube amp. Please some one help

My budget is about $180
Dont buy boss when it comes to overdrive
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fulltone OCD? I hear the digitech bad monkey is pretty good for the price of 50 bucks. you could also try a zakk wylde overdrive, ibanez tubescreamer, boss OD. take your pick. im not sure which one sounds best for slash. but im sure you can find demos of all of those on their sites or on youtube. so you can decide.
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Ya I like the Zakk wydle one, but I'm kinda waiting for me to have the gibson bulls eye guitar before I get into the Ozzy Osbourne territory, kinda the same with this one tube screamer it was more of a bluesy sound that I wasn't looking for
catalinbread dirty little secret! just got mine today in the mail...and its just awesome! its just such a great pedal and probably the best one catalinbread has to offer at the moment
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you're trying to get a british voicing with an american voiced amp, so a transparent OD pedal won't give you a slash tone as much as a pedal that emulates a plexi/jcm style tone. i'd say get a pedal that emulates a marshall tone.

otherwise, you need a different amp with a british voicing.
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