This is a simple clean boost I recently completed. The single stage is based on the first gain stage of a Marshall Super Lead, please don't get the idea this will make your amp sound like a Marshall though! The boost is nicely balanced and transparent. I can record clips but I only have a very basic setup, just a computer mic. Also keep in mind since it's rather transparent the sound will basically depend on your own setup.

It's built on vero/stripboard. Single knob to control the level of boost. True bypass with LED indicator. Enclosure is powder coated anodized blue, done by Pedal Parts Plus. And yes that's a NOS Mullard tropical fish capacitor you'll see in the pics, not claiming it adds any mojo, I just like them so I used one! Can be used with either a 9V battery or adapter. Will include a fresh 9V battery.

Asking $65 shipped/lower 48 only. Prefer PayPal.

Pics: http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm22/ledzeppy/Boost%20Pedal/

Thanks for looking