Whats up guys I just found what appears to be a real Nagoya stealth serial reeds 841010 it is all original exept for one knob and it does have some scraches and a couple dings it is black with blue sparkle everything works and it plays good exept for the pots being a tad scratchy . My question is how much do you think it is worth or how much have you seen 84 nj series stealth's go for ? I have been searching ebay for about two weeks now and havent seen one , and I cant find out much about them on websites either so if you have any info as to what it's value is or if your interested in it please let me . Thanks d.j.
I've seen them go for as little as $300 to as much as $600 and up (especially the one with the kahler). Congrats on finding one btw, they are THE hardest BC Rich to come by IMO (I've been looking for one for the better part of 2 years). Anyway, I think that if it is in good condition and with the case ~ $400 should be a good offer. Even if you have to sell it, you should be able to return your investment if you ever decide to get rid of it.
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Thanks for the info I got it at a pawn shop in charlottle n.c. for 160 bucks so i am pretty happy about it