I don't want to sound just like SRV (hell yes i do), but how can i get close to his type of sound tone wise.

i have a '95 fender strat and a behringer amp v tone. the amp has clean, drive, low mid, high, and built in effects. what is the best setting for my guitar and amp to get his tone.

Digitech RP series processors have an SRV filter on them, sounds just like the guy.
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buy SRV strat
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the setting is called texas blues.

unfortunately that configuration is a secret that died with Stevie (god rest his soul)

besides, behringers are like rusty nails on a chalkboard
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I've got that amp, you're not going to get the sound with that amp no matter how hard you try.
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There was a big Guitarist of the Month on him awhile back. Play with the larger end of the pick instead of the smaller one.


You need a couple overdrive pedals, size 13-60 strings, and hella strong hands.
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Get .013 gauge strings and attack them with the passion from hell
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I was also told by my teacher that he indeed used .013s, but he made it easier to bend them by tuning down half a step, try that too

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he used anywhere between .011 and .013 and tuned down a half step. .011's actually do the job very well and they aren't THAT hard to play. It's hard to get a step and a half bend, but you don't need it much for SRV. That's more Gilmour and Clapton.

The closest I have ever heard was when I took my friends Silveface champ reverb and cranked it to 12 with a light analogman modded ts808. Sounded like SRV.
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