...is the name of my music project, i just finished a song today and am looking for some crit! It's very different from my other stuff so im a little skeptic of it so i want opinions!!!


Feel free to crit any of my songs! Its called Letting Go by the way.
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Ok, as i listen to letting go:
Starts off very 1980s pop-ish. Smooth progression to verse, even though feel is different. The verse is super chill, I'm digging this. Would be great with lyrics. Ok, hit the chorus. Back to the '80s pop feel. I think that this could definitely change. Not big on that part at all. The verse is great, but the chorus is too different. Think this part must be the bridge. Sweet. Kind of a mix between chorus and verse, but much better than chorus. Very, very awesome.

Overall, pretty good. I wasn't big on that chorus/right after intro thing, and i would ditch it, but if it works with your vocals go for it. Alone, that part was just overpowering. Very good piece.