basically, ive been playing guitar for 5-6 years, so i know my way around a fret board really well.

a few weeks ago i was jamming with some friends and getting stuff done for a new band were putting together this summer, it was me playing guitar with another guitarist and a drummer. so i picked up my drummers fender p bass deluxe and fell in love with it. so i took it and havent put it down.

the only thing is, he doenst have an amp any more. and really doesnt know much about bass (hes a drummer ). and me being used to guitar amps and stuff, im not used to any of these new bass amps im looking at, and whats decent and what sucks and all that. im looking for something gig capable and all that. i play post hardcore stuff like the devil wears prada, a day to remember, we came as romans, ect.

some one fill me in so i dont have to sift threw the bass forums. i dont have that kind of time, seeing as how i have a speech due in 8 hours.
look on craigslist for SWR combos and ampeg combos. they work pretty well for a new bassist and can be gigged with. i really like the SWR workingman's 115 combo.

it might be worth registering on talkbass.com. i did.

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I don't like Ampeg, but yeah, Slappy is right, SWR is what is needed.
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i dont really know what my budget would be. i just dont understand how all these local bands can afford these $1000 speakers and such. idk what any good heads are or anything. they all seem so foriegn to me. why cant they be set up the same as guitar amps >:[