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Verse 1:
Bolt is a delusional dog
He keeps thinking that his movie role is reality
His super powers is nothing but
the idea of a scriptwriter

He should realize that all is fake
So he can think rationally and logically

Same with us people that we can
learn how to separate facts from
fiction so we can't worry about the imaginary

Verse 2:
So he barks barks barks from his super bark
and used laser beam from his glowing eyes
to kill the enemies and save the innocent
His name is derived from a lightning bolt
which means he can move as fast as speed
of the light but sorry to say that
these are all a figment of imagination

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus twice)

Interlude: D x4

Bridge: x2
I don't get it why still we live in our delusions
Superstitions are nothing but scare tactics
There's a lot of evidences that **** doesn't exist
in the first place oh yeah I'm right

(Repeat Chorus twice, Intro) Outro: D(hold)
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