Hi people my band is relatively young not age wise but how long we have been together just over a year. We are a cover band though we have a few originals in the works. Through the cover band side of things we have over 4 hrs of songs (our full set list is on www. partybands.co.nz) key word is Unleashed and we are working just about every weekend. My question is do we put as much time in marketing ourselves as we would if we were solely an originals band logically it makes sense but we would appreciate any feedback, advice that you guys might have and many thanks in advance for taking time time to read and/or reply
If you guys are mostly doing functions etc, I suggest you play up the 'professional working band' aspect - get some posters, handouts etc printed up and try and establish a strong 'web presence' (god, I hate that phrase). Are you trying to promote yourselves as a covers band, or originals?

I assume you've got a Myspace page...If not, do so at once. Like it or not, it's a must these days, unfortunately.
It's well worth getting a website as well, hosting is pretty cheap these days.. My band has a .com made with bandzoogle, looks alright and is fairly flexible - costs us about £8 a month.
I've also got a site for my design business , which has cost me a grand total of £6.50 for two years (the hosting etc is free, it's only the .co.uk that I paid for) using a free site builder called Synthasite . Highly recommended, though someone in the band needs to be handy with photoshop etc to squeeze the most out of the basic template-oriented design, otherwise it can sometimes look very bland.

Also try and get yourselves a Facebook group, the mechanism of inviting people to each gig can make everything feel more personal. Assuming many of your fans use it.

Another tip; nag all the local papers/radio to plug your gigs. 99 out of 100 times you'll get nowhere, but it's worth trying for that 1%.

Promotion these days is essentially an excercise in who can bullsh!t the best - a lot of it seems ridiculous, but you've got to do it anyway to be taken seriously. Best of luck
Sweet cheers man. Yeah we are running with the cover band for a while yet. It seems to be making a bit of coin so far. We have got business cards printed up and we are in the process of getting a promo kit together like photos etc we are printing off some t shirts as well
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