I've been playing acoustic guitar for a few years. I just bought an electric guitar recently, and was wondering what is a good way to learn electric guitar solo? I want to learn rock, lead..but I guess styles don't really matter. I just want to play those solo parts (electric guitar) in the songs on the radio. I can't take guitar lessons because I'm broke, maybe I can afford online lessons like $20/month. Any suggestions? Please help! Thanks~!
Lots of practice. A couple hours a day if you can spare it. Start on solo's that sound easy then work your way up. You don't need lessons really anyways, Good luck.
here's a tip about learning lead:
learn rhythm first.

also this whole lead/rhythm distinction is bullshit.
Ain't talkin' 'bout love by Van Halen is a fairly easy solo to start with. Nothing else matters and the first solo of master of puppets is fairly easy.
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here's a tip about learning lead:
learn rhythm first.

also this whole lead/rhythm distinction is bullshit.

word brother

TS, just "learn to play the guitar"
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Firstly i can relate to you. I learned on my own, picked up a lot of bad habits on the way, lol, but these things happen. Listen its best you get a teacher, and not some guy who's just looking to make a buck, someone who can really handle his axe, someone who's going to teach you right from wrong. The guitar is technical instrument and to should be learned that way. I know that most people say practice is important, but if you don't know what you practicing or even worse, practicing the wrong thing, it can cause damage to your technique as you progress and get older. If you can't find a teacher and
you desperately need to engage in lead solos what i suggest you do is look up on line help. YOU TUBE, free sites that give free technical advice, and hook up with guitarists in your area were you live, its amazing how much you will learn from just playing with others, and as i mentioned before free web sites that help you understand the theory about modes, scales and picking techniques that not only help with speed but feel and emotion. Have fun learning hey, lead guitar is world of wonder, it never ceases to amaze me. Good luck....
practice everything with a metronome. When playing leads you need to keep great time. Also learn rhytym guitar as well; simply learn how to play guitar.
As other people say learn basic rhytym guitar first. Once you get a better feel for it and on to the more advanced techniques you will find the lead guitar / rhytym guitar difference starts to fade.

Have fun and don't forget it is all down to hard work and practice.

learn the easy solos first. (knocking on heavens door, smells like teen spirit) then keep learning harder/quicker solos
No, but understanding music theory is a huge help. Start trying out ideas, copying ideas from solos, learning solos and how they're put together...

There's plenty of free tabs and lessons on this site, just look up whatever you want to learn and apply yourself.