i have a g major and an old zoom rfx 2000. im trying to connect both of them so that i can send program changes to both. now do i need some other piece of gear or can i just go in to the g major out to the in of the rfx then out in of my g minor pedal. so if anybody has some experience doing this sort of thing i would appreciate it.
From your controller's "MIDI OUT" go to the "MIDI IN" on the G-Major. Then go from the "MIDI THRU" on the G-Major to the "MIDI IN" on the RFX.

The thing that sucks is that the G-Minor is only capable of sending a single PC message at a time. Something like the Rocktron Midi Mate will allow you to put each processor on a separate Midi channel and allow you to send separate PC messages to each one.
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so if i do that will the presets switch together. if so that would be fine because what im trying to do is have the piezo output of my rg1620x going through the rfx and the magnetic output going through the g major. then i programed the presets to be paralell. so if it will change the presets together like that it would be perfect.