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I love bands that use lots of harmonised vocals (I don't know if that's the right word, sry for my english ^^) such as the beatles, simon&garfunkel,etc...

but the fact is that I don't know much of bands doing it.

So any recommandation?

PS: I don't want bands from a specific genre, or years. I don't care if it's metal, pop, hip-hop, just want some nice vocals :'(
PS 2: I don't know if it was already asked, or if i'm in the wrong forum. If it's the case, just say it and I'll delet my thread ;-)
Alice in Chains
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wishbone ash, pink floyd (echoes is an amazing example of this). you should also check out all the old black groups like the supremes, the temptations and people like that. fantastic vocals
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Alice in Chains

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There's a country band called Little Big Town.............superb vocals. Check out the song Bones by them. Otherwise, the other bands listed lol.
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Bee Gees

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ok..don't hate me now...but... Sunrise Avenue. Backing vocals are fantastic
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Los Lonley Boys! and you get awesome music!
and The Blanks!
but thats kinda to be expected....
theyre an acapella group!
check em out if your a Scrubs fan!
youll be surprised if you dont already know about them!
Iron and Wine has really really lovely harmonies.

also, fairport

and last but not least, the orgasm that is the band
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wow i am very surprised to not see spock's beard on this list. The harmonies they have blow everyones away (except for queen) gibberish is the best tune.
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+1. State Radio's are pretty good too.
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Crush 40, if you have ever heard of them.

NOFX has a bit of vocal harmony as well, but not much.
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Old Crow Medicine Show and The Avett Brothers are 2 bluegrass/folk bands that I've been getting into recently that have great harmonized vocals.
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No-one does it better than The Beach Boys.

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other than the bands mentioned... Though they don't on every song, and not even most of them, but they most certainly do, so if you search their discographies you will find some great harmonized vocals.

The Grateful Dead
The Expendables
Slightly Stoopid
String Cheese Incident
I can't even begin to begin to imagine how Crosby, Stills & Nash have not been mentioned.

By far the best harmony I've ever heard.

CROSBY, STILLS & NASH... look em up.

Edit: Nevermind my first sentence... They have been mentioned
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Rockapella, my friend... Rockapella....

and Alice In Chains
At the end of the day...
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The Hollies.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
It's been said before but there's no harm in repeating, as far as harmonized vocals go, Alice In Chains is pretty much the way to go.
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