Hi. Title says all.

I am 14, so I would MOST PREFER people my age to play.

I play alot of stuff, ranging from Metal, Hard Rock, Rock n' Roll and Blues, I have had some experience in playing with bands. Although they were arseholes. (I am in an ICT class right now, and those ARSEHOLES are sitting right opposite of me.)

Get back to me soon.

~ Parkesie959
Quote by robo37
Alright, I'll join.

Are you happy now that you have edited your post? I still have a screenshot of the original.

And, you can't even play an instrument, so no.
would you be able to travel a bit because i live v.close 2 liverpooland am lookin 4 a band as well

1.metal as in what bands(style)

2.do you play rythym or lead