Hey yall. i was wondering your "expert" thoughts on these two guitars. I am looking into buying a new axe and I narrowed it down to these 2. Ibanez RGT42MDX or Jackson DKMG Dinky. So if you would please discuss the pros/cons of these guitars to just give me a relative idea of which axe is better suited to my style of play. I play mostly hardcore/metalcore/death metal etc. I appreciate your thoughts!!
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Out of those two I would say the Jackson would be better for your style of music. The Jackson has a much better spec as well i.e. pickups, bridge etc... but then it is a bit more expensive.
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The Jackson on everything really. Better bridge, much better pickups, better looking id say and more suited to your music.
What amp have you got?
+1 on the jackson, I have owned both and the Jackson just comes with better specs out of the box. Incidently i sold both. My main geet at the moment is a jackson dk2. Im not a fan of the stock pups in the ibanez'