Are there any things that I could find around my house to like clean my guitar. Like my mom said use rubbing alchool but I didn't that would be a good idea. Is there anything I should use or do I have to go out and buy a certain product or what.
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sure as hell dont use furniture polish (like Pledge). Sure, this will look nice NOW, but in the long run it will leave a waxy-looking finish. Also, I have heard that this will also not let the guitar 'breathe' because of the eventual residue that will be left over.

As for the alcohol, I personally wouldn't use it because it >> might << damage the finish.

Pick up a polish/cleaner from a local guitar store. Ask about what would be best for what youre cleaning (in this case an acoustic).
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I agree totally with ewall09. Head to the guitar store and get something that's made for the job. It will be a lot cheaper than fixing problems caused to the finish by cleaning it with the wrong thing.
Okay I will do that. Is there anything you guys suggest
SKY BLUE TEAM OWNS ALL (If we still exsited)