Hey all,

Any idea how pedals will run through a spider II 30 watt? I currently have two tube amps - and was thinking about trading my Fender Super Champ XD for my teacher's Spider II 30 watt amp w/ 4 channel footswitch. I realize the super champ is worth more, so other stuff might go into this

My reason being that I don't want to have 2 tube amps for maintenance and that the super champ would never get used in band practice anyways because the speaker just doesn't make my distortions/OD's sound good.
-Also the other guitarist in my band is saving up for a tube amp...but has a solid state right now and we're not synching too well in our sound due to that.

Pedals I'm concerned about sounding good through SS amp:
-Vox Satchurator
-Rocktron Tsunami Chorus

Pedals that I'm not expecting much out of since they're "tube amp" pedals:
-Digitech Bad Monkey
-Rocktron Zombie

What do you think?
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Modeling amps usually don't take pedals too well...and the Spider isn't a great amp to begin with imo.
If you don't want to keep the SuperChamp around - sell it and put the money towards something else. Buying a spider is not really a good idea.
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thanks for the suggestions. I put it up on craigslist for a "quality" SS amp. Some guy already offered me money for it
perhaps you should read my previous post up above? I believe i've been talked out of it - as I want to have a quality SS to run pedals through
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dont be stupid keep your amp, if you must replace the speaker. Sounds like your teacher spotted a great amp, and wants to trade cheap. I also doubt your band sound is bad do to the difference between ss and tube. could be the room, could be his amp,however my point is your fender with the right pedal can and will sound heavy as hell. I would never trade any tube amp for spider or any in that category. I should also tell you I run a dual set up one ss one tube thru a line 6 pod xt live. BTW sounds awesome thru either my les paul, prs,esp,cheap peavey and even cheaper epi lp jr. keep you amp!!!! Pedals sound better through tubes. try a new speaker and let your other guitarist use it. Besides what is a quality ss amp? Randall, Marshall mf350, line6 HD 147. Those cost you as much as a tube amp. You didnt say what type of music your playing. If death metal a Marsall AVT is a good choice. but it has 1 tube in it.
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Why don't you just run the super champ on a clean setting and run the pedals through the effects loop (if it has one) or just straight into the amp?

But please don't get the Spider, it sounds like total ass my friend
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one of the smaller spiders is ok for a practice amp at best, they wont sound good at gigging volumes and wont take pedals well at all

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it would be pretty swell if it had an effects loop (but does not). I'm not too fond of the speaker in it. That's my main problem with it. I've read up some (just recently due to a post on the thread) and think that maybe trying to mod it w/ 12 inch celestions or eminence speakers might do better...then keep my regular 30 watt tube amp at practice
Are you honestly expecting the speaker in the Spider to be of higher quality? You gotta be kidding.
Okay, what two tube amps do you have, and yes, a speaker change can help.
I personally don't want to see you get rid of the Champ, I've played out of one, and I think they are nice and offer a little bit of fun.
But yes, a speaker change is a much better decision
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The fender design wasnt really made for distortion. The open back combo design doesnt work to well for distortion. But a closed back extension cab might make a big difference. Vs a new amp.
Got a Crate Palomino v32 30 watt. I love the sound out of it. The OD channel is decent, although I'm using pedals more for effects/distortion. This is the one i mainly use with my group. I had to take the little SC XD yesterday because I was moving a pa in my car and just ran out of room....

If you are going to post a degrading comment about spiders or being an idiot, you're wasting your breath. I'm way past that

I'm going to research a new speaker and find out the best way to replace it for the XD. Thanks for the insight on the fender design and cab.

As for music - alternative/prog rock. Smashing Pumpkins, Toadies, Coheed & Cambria, Soundgarden...you get the idea
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I don't get people that don't want tube amps for "maintenance" I mean christ... How lazy can you be? A new set of tubes every year or two don't cost much and it's easy as hell to put them in. It takes all of 5 minutes even if you have one that isn't fixed bias.

If you want a line 6 get it. Don't make excuses to make yourself feel better about it like maintenance problems.
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Sell the SCXD and just keep the money, if you're set on a SS, get a vypyr, spider II's were better than spider III's, but both are still meh(Trust me, i've owned a spider III 30watt, and tried various other spiders.

SCXD's can get pretty metal, speaker swap\cab and pedals(tube/first channel)
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man, I must be pretty darn lazy then.

I got what I wanted out of this thread...and then some.

Thanks Castiel for the insight.

I'm going to check out the speaker change/mod

Flame away. I'm done
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i dont understand why u wud wanna change a tube amp for a lower quality SS

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