To make a long story short, the body of my project was junk. When I pressed in the insert the body split, and with no job there will be no new body.
Here is what I have
Gotoh Floyd Rose, chrome $125 shipped in lower 48
Mightymite strat neck ebony board, been dyed to nice even black, compound radius, includes tuners, FR nut and string tree $100 shipped in the lower 48

Warmoth pickguard, loaded with Rockfield Fatasses, volume and 3 way toggle. $50 shipped in the lower 48

I will take $200 for all.
USPS MO only
I also have a Korg Pitchblack tuner pedal.
This is pratically Brand new! NEVER Gigged.. ONLY used at home
I will do $65 shipped in the lower 48
USPS MO only
Pics if needed.
Looking for any trades for the Pitchblack?
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No blems on the pitchblack? may be interested in that one.. Only if you were closer, i'd jump on it. Maryland is on the opposite side of the country... It's the furthest from california.. dude that's wack
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