Okay can someone PLEASE do me the massive favour of getting hold of these picks in 1.14mm gauge & getting them to me ASAP.

I am getting sick of this now as I havent had my regular picks for a month & a half now & my playing has gone to utter s*** & its not getting any better as i hoped so PLEASE can someone out there do me the medial task of ordering these picks off of musicians friend & sending them to me here in crappy Malaysia where I cant for the life of me find any of them. Seriously, im so desperate for these picks & to play properly again that its not even remotely funny.

I will pay you for the item(including shipping costs, if any, from MF) & shipping to Malaysia via paypal & will give you $10 on top of that for your troubles. So essentially you are making $10 for getting on the internet & purchasing some picks & moving your arse to the post office to send them to me. So surely someone here must be interested in a quick tenner?

If you are the kind, caring & generous soul that does happen to fit the criteria then PM me on here ASAP.


I appreciate any & all help with this,
umm alrite well thanks for that great input from the first guy & yes that is funnily the exact reason i am asking for this since i used to have stock of these picks when i lived in the UK...& ^ ive tried ebay but they dont have enough in stock for my requirements...

can someone really just help me out here?
because i live in Malaysia & cant find any sites that will ship them for a half reasonable price..($45 to ship a pack of picks? you must be having a laugh) & most of them wont even ship internationally so thats the issue that i currently have..obviously i already wouldve if i could, but i cant...