Hey all. I'm after a distortion pedal. I'm not really sure what to go for to be honest. I've got around £70 to spend (don't mind second hand or new).

I play a pretty large variety, Indie, Rock, Metal. Oasis, Metallica, AC/DC, Stereophonics, Eagles, Bruce Springsteen just a small number.. But you get the idea, fairly varied. So I guess it would need to be fairly versatile...

Gear I currently run...

Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet through a 4x10 Marshall cab.
Epi Les Paul Black Beauty

Any suggestions appreciated, I'm not really up on my pedals to be honest. I have considered the Metal Muff, a friend of mine has one and I've managed to get a good few sounds from it...

Oh and just to add. I mainly play rhythm, with a bit of simple lead etc...

Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty
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Ibanez tubescreamer, or Boss DS-1? Maybe sopmething similar to give you some warm tube distortion sound. It also depends on how hot the pickups are on that guitar. If they are prety cheap, you might have to upgrade a bridge pickup to a Dimarzio Super Distortion at least.