Great wah, designed for guitar but also works very well with bass. Gives a nice mid boost to help cut through the mix, great for solos. Excellent condition, never gigged, minimal bedroom use only. Fantastic looking pedal, brushed metal finish and black grip.

Comes in original box with all original documentation. Included is tool for adjusting the stiffness of the rocker, fantastic for getting it just right to suit your own prefference. Few wahs come with this to the best of my knowledge. Also comes with sticker but unfortunately missing the pick/plectrum that came with it, sorry.

Pedal has a genuine 'Fasel' inductor in the circuit board. Much sought after component for the best wah sounds.

Price is 70 Euro ($95 US, $115 CAN, £65) + postage ($20 US, $25 CAN, £15)

Can work out other currencies and pictures availible on request. Don't have paypal but will accept cash or open to suggestions if you have any other preferred method of payment.
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