1st off i'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum for this.
So i learn a song practice it learn it easy enough then comes the solo.
No matter how much i listen to a song and look at the tabs i still can't learn the solo(even simple ones).
Any advice?
maybe there not simple enough. Try smells like teen spirit by Nirvana. I hate the song now, but its a very good song as a whole to build stamina and technique.
Make sure you slow it down, to half, maybe less, the normal tempo. When you can play that spot on in correct ratio of notes (for want of better words) then speed it up. By that I mean if there is a semi-quaver passage at 120bpm, make sure you play semi-quavers at 60bpm to practise. Then gradually bring the tempo up. Practise like crazy, because you're at the crucial stage in your playing where you've got to understand how to practise successfully.
what parts are you having trouble with? timing or technique? unless you havent yet nailed the techniques needed to play a solo itll more or less come down to timing. Only way around that is to practise it till you got it im afraid :P (along with the tab, or song itself of course)
If you havent yet figured out the techniques thennnn you should go with an easier one. The bloke above did mention a good song, Especially since the solo to that song flows with the overall theme and makes it much easier to get the timing right. You could also just get a basic understanding of scales just to build up dexterity in your hands in order to play solos.