c4c if you want

my scars are beginning to show
hidden beneath this dark hooded sweatshirt
as i throw back my veil
for our first kiss to rid the hurt

i draw you in near
the moon eclipsing the sun
your eyes shining brighter than ever
our souls closer to joining as one

our lips touch
you give mine a gentle bite
i caress your hands
through this premature twilight

our lips pressed and sealed
as darkness reigns over the day
eyes closed, oblivious in our own world
holding you tight for an elongated stay

our lips begin to part
eyes open, darkness revealed
my wounds bleeding bright
i gaze into your eyes to heal

connecting deep within your soul
the dark side of the moon chased away
your eyes remain lit
you are the light in my day

oh my sweet juliet
this is romeo saying yes
the best lasts through eternity
and with you i wish for the best

i await your everlasting reply.....
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