Hello everyone, my name is Justin and I'm looking to find some people that live in either New York or Los Angeles or London. This all has a long and involved story that I'm going to post... I've got time lol.

Anyway like I said I'm looking for people that live in the aforementioned cities because after I graduate I would like to move to one of these cities and start doing something main stream with my music. I'm more or less just looking to get to know some people in these cities so no matter where I decide to move. The reason I've chosen those cities is because historically that is where all the big name acts have come from and the music business thrives in these cities. I need to get out of the small cities and in to a place where I can stand a chance at my dream. I know there are thousands of people who dream of this and I've looked at the most famous of bands and been watching the music industry and where it is evolving and I think I stand a chance at being able to make it. So anyone who is interested in making a new friend, either post on this thread or private message me up. If you are from a city besides the three I listed, you can still hit me up and chat, I don't care where you are.

I'll leave this with something I was told once that hit me. "No matter how good at something or powerful you think you are, without an army of 'people' thats right, not of soldiers necessarily or of any sort of warrior, but of just regular people, only then can you stand a chance at accomplishing what you want to do. Also it can't be a group that follows you, you all must lead and follow, such as a circle because an arrow ends, but a circle's power for change is not and never will be understood. People are the energy of the world and without them, nothing can be completed or understood"

Anyway Thank you for taking the time to read that, I hope to be hearing from some people soon you know, life is short and you can only do it once, so why waste it doing something you hate when you can spend it happy.
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I'm not sure what you're after, do you want to meet people to make friends in those cities?
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I actually read all that. I have to say though: Good sir, you are a FOOL for trying to meet people on the pit.

And quit trying to be found, just play your music where you are and enjoy playing.
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Aww I feel; sorry that you got ignored. You were being so sincere.

Anyways I think your dream is beautiful it's what most musicians dream about: Being HEARD.
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I spent 10 minutes putting graffiti onto the first brick wall to go "Meh, can't be bothered to post it"

Yeah that happens alot

your like ''man this is gonna be awesome!' 10-15mins later you cant be bother to take 1min to uppload a pic
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