Hey all. Well one of my buddies/ other guitarist in my band has the Mesa Express 5:50. Thing is after a while he started having problems with the footswitch. It would cut in and out intermittently unless the midi cable was positioned just right. Now this led be to believe that the midi jack on the footswitch itself is loose. Also, he never filled out the warrenty and wants me to check it out for him. (I know, I tried arguing but meh, whatever.) Anyway, I don't have the pedal on me, but I will be home this weekend and I should be able to get some gutshots of it for you guys.

Right now I think it is just a loose midi cable like I said and that might be the only thing I need to change out, but I figured since I've never done something like this (though I do have experience soldering) I might as well turn to UG for some advice.

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