Selling some guitar pickups I had layin around. I posted these on another forum that requires me to show my name/date in the pic so its harder to scam people. But these are mine, just different name/different forum. I can get more close up pics if you'd like. Thanks.

On the Left - $75 shipped OBO
Seymour Duncan SH1-N (Neck pickup) Great, oldschool punch. I'd have to look up more info on it, but some guitarists that use it are Ben Harper, Robben Ford, Mike Einzinger (Incubus) , Robert Smith (The Cure) and Dimebag (Pantera RIP). I think there are some others but i cant remember.

On the Right $50 shipped OBO
These were the OEM pickups out of my Ibanez RG320. I think it was a 2004. Great all around pickups. Great for a project guitar or to liven up lesser guitar for cheap.

I think the SD was priced too high from what ive seen on other online sources.

$55 shipped!
interested in the sh-1. do you ship to canada?
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I don't suppose youd like to trade the sh-1 for a sh-2n(jazz neck)? I live in canada.
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Sorry for the delay guys. I PM'd those of you that were interested. Pickup is still up for grabs so if you are interested let me know. I will ship to Canada but there may be an additional cost depending on if it costs more to ship. Sometimes it does, sometimes doesnt depending on the location.
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Never got a PM from you. sometimes UG is kinda hit or miss with PM's. I sent one to you but still tellin you here in case you didnt receive mine either. Feel free to email me at tbruzdzinski@gmail.com also.