theres three prongs on the pot ones input ones output and the third is a ground so i bent the third one up and grounded it on top of the pot but its got to much feedback and when i touch metal parts it gets softer. ne ideas on grounding?
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You don't need to run the ground to any of the prongs, just off somewhere in the circuit (pot, switch) to the bridge or trem claw. If it is a TOM-style bridge, pull out the stud for the bridge post (always the one nearest to the control route), and run a wire from the control cavity to the route; strip off the end, and reinsert the post. Check for a good connection and you are done.

Bending one of the end terminals just dictates which direction you want the pot to turn to change the value IIRC. You need to make sure the contact is good or it will make noise sporadically.
have you grounded the back of the pot to earth?

Thats the whole point of grounding.
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if you can take a wire and ground it to the metal plate connecting the tension springs to the tremelo system.
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It doesn't look like the terminal is actually making contact with the pot. Use a little less flux and a little more solder on it. Also make sure you run a wire to the bridge of the guitar to actually ground it.