I'm not here to talk about the fact you can't continue, would be nice though, but about my stupid ending.

Does anyone remember Fawkes? the 'good' super mutant who you can get follow you. He helps you on one mission by walking through a highly irradicated room for you(you can kill him or leave him)

Well, i had him with me at the end near the purifier, where it's lethal if you walk in(ring any bells?) and the woman with you says either you or she has to go in to save humanity blah blah blah...

On mine i had Fawkes the super mutant, who are immune to radiation, who could have easily gone in and done it himself, like he did in a very recent mission.

Anyone else done/found this or something else this stupid?
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everything about fallout 3 sucks, not just the ending.
He didn't go in because he was busy firin' his lazer... minigun.
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everything about fallout 3 sucks, not just the ending.

gtfo faggit

fallout 3 is amazing.
I got to level 4 then my xbox died
I blame fallout 3
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They should have made it viewed from above and isometric, and the fighting exclusively turn-based, like the first two games.
Quote by tona_107
everything about fallout 3 sucks, not just the ending.

grah spoliers!

but still wht not just use a big stick to work your magic from outside the door... or better yet.

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Quote by tona_107
everything about fallout 3 sucks, not just the ending.

Not everything sucked but it sure isn't one of the greatest games like a majority of people make it out to be. I became very bored of it quite quickly and I'm a huge fan of open ended role playing games
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Fawkes doesnt go into the chamber because he wants a piece of that blonde ass once youre toast.

Fallout 3's endings suck.
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ffs they're not monsters just mutated humans don't be so racist

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The only good part about that game was blowing up Megaton and stealing all Moira's caps, then shooting her in the face for being a bitch and then shooting that kid in the fire ant place for being a whiny little tool and getting bad karma and having Fawkes hate you because he's a mutated fag who wouldn't give me his badass gun that was a piece of crap anyway because I ended up killing him for it. Man, Fallout 3 was balls to the wall awful.
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I took 10 rad X I found on a body inside the lab, I figured they were there for a reason, then I died cuz that's the end of the story:/ that was kinda lame.
He has higher immunity, it'll still probably kill him.