I <3 atmospherical musics. Just because I like to type just for the sake of typing, I give you a tracklisting + brief description of each track. Read it/don't read it, I don't care.

Aryavarta - Reverse Side of the Universe (5:52)
Symphonic progressive deathy metal. The only downside to their music is the awkward russian accent while singing english cleanly - but this track is an instrumental so it doesn't matter. Their debut and only album is available for free from their website (I guess no label wants to sign them or something)

Dead Silent Slumber - Entombed in the Midnight Hour (6:07)
One of the projects of the former Naglfar frontman, and current Thyrfing vocalist. This song is like... a black metal ballad. Acoustic guitar, cello, clean male and female vocals, and a guitar solo thrown in just for the sake of awesomeness. Awesome.

Fogland - My Canvas With Tizian (6:00)
An atmospheric mix of black metal and ambient/darkwave. They're likely closer to ambient bands with metalhead fanbases, like Autumn Tears, than to metal bands, but they do use guitars and have the occasional growl or two (not in this song though) so it's metal enough.

Em Sinfonia - To Silence the Laughter (8:17)
Some good death doom. Nothing out of the ordinary for the genre, just some well executed music with excellent vocals. This is from their EP, avoid their full length - it has a different chick on vocals who sucks and utterly kills the music.

Adhur - Akelarreko Batzarra (6:55)
Symphonic folky black folk metal. A very unique band, from Basque Country in Spain. Only ever released 3 songs, on a three way split with two other similarly unique bands (who all shared various members). Of those three songs, only this one was metal, the other two are purely acoustic/folk. This song ranges from beautiful violin led acoustic parts, to cheeseball symphonic black metal parts, with a nice pseudo-classical female vocalist and the obligatory angry black metal kid shouting. Beautiful black metal, pfft, what's the world coming to...

Hordak - The Last European Wolves (4:22)
Named for a He-Man and the Masters of The UNIVEEEERRRRRSSE villain, it's another Spanish black folk metal band. They have an almost Forefatherish feeling to their music, if Forefather was folksier and didn't abandon growls, that is. Folkearth fans may remember the song Hugin & Munin from Drakkars in the Mist, well, that's a Hordak song that they remixed and added in some female vocals.

Devil In The Kitchen - Clacking Paddles in Maine (2:22)
Instrumental speed folk metal. I know some of you folks know these fellers, well, the awesomeness of crazy fiddling is just too much for me to resist, so, enjoy. Talented BAMFs. These days the bassist plays in the infamous Powerglove (on drums), and the guitarist and fiddler are playing straight up folk (one of their bands has a beatboxer for percussion... seriously).

Sword of Darkness - Bestial Warhearts (5:54)
Symphonic black metal, with high and low vocals. I love the way the song opens on cheese, with the not quite in sync dual vocals and their fearfully cheesy lyrics. Cheesy symphonic black metal at its finest. And no, the keys never stop.

Bonus ninth track:
The Charles Bronson Theory - Battle Cat's Birthday (6:54)
Not to be confused with the hardcore band Charles Bronson. This a death metal song about He-Man. I HAVE THE POWERRRRR. Awesome. Basically, it's a random joke band that I came across a long time ago. Solo project from some guy who apparently spends most of his time making unserious music. For more, even including a song about a telemarketer who hates your guts (Not Interested), go here.

APR 3 webbtje
APR 10 destroy_techno
APR 17 \Powerslave/
APR 24 The Kreator
MAY 1 Kepulix
MAY 8 dminishedthingy
MAY 15 valdean
MAY 22 The Evil Hat
MAY 29 Contraband
JUN 5 Progbass
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Hahha I wasn't even aware that you were doing one of these Ramseus

but just like I expected, a bunch of strange melodic folk/black metal hybrids, I'll listen to this tomorrow
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I haven't heard of a single band on that list.

Although, this list is grea so far..i've only listened to the first song though, I expect it doesn't get worse

I enjoyed this a lot. Then again, I'm more of an atmospheric/progressive fan then a death metal one
Good stuff dude. I haven't heard of any of the bands.

By the way, why isn't my name on the 29th? I called this spot weeks ago and nobody put my name on it.
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^ because I just copy pasted, slid you in there now though

glad you guys enjoyed it. I ventured deep into my library to pull out some good obscure bands.
Ramseus I've always loved the fact that you have an individually developed taste, a rarity on these forums.

I knew everyone but Hordak, who I didn't really care for, but a great list none the less.
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Extreme obscurity will hardly get anyone to listen to your radio unfortunately. I only knew two of those artists, but I must say I enjoyed your list immensely. Exposed me to a few new ones to check out. You have a very unique taste in music, I'll give you that.

Edit: Particularly enjoyed Hordak, I'm a big Forefather fan myself.

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Looks pretty interesting, I'll give it a listen in a little while.
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I can see it now. "Dark Thrones and Black People".

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Sorry for not posting on time due to bannination; I can knock up a quick one now to last till this friday, or just slot myself in at the end?
Dammit, Ramseus. Your mix almost made me late for class.

Good stuff. Especially Aryavarta; it's even more awesome that the album is available for free.
Oh those Russians. Pretty cool guys.

I forgot that you can also get Adhur's entire catalog (lol 3 songs) for free too. The website is utter bollocks though

And VG, are you saying that you even knew The Charles Bronson Theory? I will implode if the answer is yes.
I'm at the point of the website where it says either Basque Pagan Boobs or Basque Pagan Woods. What do I do now?
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Quote by Ramseus

And VG, are you saying that you even knew The Charles Bronson Theory? I will implode if the answer is yes.

I have a friend who's obsessed with actors like that.
He brought up The Charles Bronson Theory before.
I'm not knowledgeable, but I'm familiar with them.

I didn't know Adhur either.
Failed to mention that.
A heathen, conceivably
but not,

I hope,
I’m not ashamed to be white
Vi doede ikke... vi har aldri levd
Barbarism is the natural state of mankind
Civilization is unnatural

It is a whim of circumstance
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