Im not from America, and just watched this show for the first time. There theme was that someones husband was gay and seeing some guy, while the wife didnt know. So the husband explained it all to the audience, then brought the wife out to tell her. After this they brought the other gay guy out and he n the wife started fighting. Wile this was going on the audience were chanting something, and at the end when the husband said he didnt want to be with her any more the whole audience cheered, and then laughed when she called him a bastard. The whole time Jerry was making light of the situation, and almost making fun of them.
As i said, its the first time I watched, and it sickened me. Is this what they all are like. If so, maybe this is why America is so messed up, because this ideology that people who are in emotional pain are funny, and that violence is something that pleases the audience.
Finally, Jerry said something sentiemental which was loosely related to the theme of the show, but really it was just a speech filled with hypocrasy, as he was pretty much saying "everyone should show good will to everyone else", despite the fact that he, and the audience just spent the last 15/20 minutes laughing at people who were having a lot of difficulties.
It was clearly all created just to make money, and so as the people who were involved could have their 15mins of fame.
If this is the sort of thing that is produced and then replicated by the viewers, no wonder American's are given the generalisation of being stupid, and are hated by the rest of the world.
End of rant, I just couldn't believe what I was seeing.
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Jerry Springer is insane staged redneck bull****. If you make judgments about a country based on Jerry Springer, then you are a moron.
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Everything that you seem to dislike about the show is what makes it great.

It's freak show, were the freaks fight with each other over the most bizarre situations and whilst the audience riles them up.

It's pure telly gold.
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If that ridiculous and staged show is what you judge American's by, then you really need to get rid of some stereotypes. I'm an American, living in England, and the way people think of us is just irritating.

Well, England is a piece-of-crap country where the only good things are sight-seeing. All the houses look the same, most of the kids that live in our neighbourhood are yobs and chavs and are vandalizing our property all the time, and it WON'T STOP FUCKING RAINING.

And it's not stereotyping, because I've actually lived here for a while. America > England all the way.

/my own rant
this is just going to lead to a bunch of flaming and "americans are stupid" jokes.

most of the stuff on that show is somewhat staged anyway. nobody takes those people seriously. its all for entertainment.