So i'm looking for a new guitar and schecters have caught my eye but for the some reason I cannot find them anywhere in the UK! Can someone please help me find a single schecter around the area of Bristol. Please, thanks!

Also, can you guys also name the schecters (6 strings) under £350 ($500) without a Floyd Rose.

The ones I got so far are:

Omen 6
Omen extreme
006 deluxe
Demon 6
Damien 6

That's pretty much it. I can't tell you much besides that the necks are subjective. Buy from someone with a 30 day satisfaction warranty. It's hit or miss, you like the neck or you don't. The tone isn't something to worry about, they're extremely versatile guitars.
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lol i couldn't find them anywhere in the uk i imported my hell raiser fr around a year ago and it worked out at around 450 with the hard case delivered. If you cant find the one you want in the UK pm me and ill send you the site otherwise i just look like im advertising.
all their models except for the stiletto come in a non-trem version and a Floyd Rose version. so research on their website. schecterguitars.com
RandomEdit: I did research for you and there's one dealer on the schecter website for UK, westsidedistribution.com
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The Tempest extreme is 300 on Thomann.
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Thanks for the help guys

@The guy who imported: did you not try the guitar first!? If you didnt like it how were you gonna get it back!?