hey thanks for checking my thread out. This is song that I've spent hours of my life working trying to make it sound just how I want it to. Now i've gotten it to sound fairly close to what it would sound like if it we're actually recorded. This is a GP5 file, however, to fully appreciate the song in its entirety, I suggest that you've the lastest version of GP5 (i.e. Guitar Pro 5.2). GP5.2 has an enhanced RSE which sounds much better than GP5.0. You might not be able to even open it if you don't an updated version (i don't know i'm guessing). But if you're able to listen to it, I would appreciate some feedback and criticism. Thanks I look forward to your replies.
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Love the little 16th notes at the "Heavy Riff". First guitar solo is nicely placed, very unpredictable and sounds good too.

Something that I don't like is how you tried too hard with the .gp5 file itself. Why? You'll just record it later.

The little drum fill at the end of the chorus is nice, but the drums are a little boring. I don't know if that's what you aimed for, but it's pretty much a basic beat with some offbeat pedal hits with fills that follow guitar. There are some cool parts, like the aforementioned fill though.

Vocal interlude to pre-chorus transition doesn't really work, try adding a 57 crash hit instead of a hihat in the beginning of the pre-chorus. IMO, sounds better.

Bridge A doesn't really work for me. It's just... Blah. Don't go out of your way to change it though.

Bridge B is what I like. Your riffing/soloing reminds me of Buckethead at some parts. The second solo is REALLY nice.

Except for the ending. What the hell? In total, it's 22 measures which doesn't sound very good at all to my ear. Add something or remove something, -please-.

Drum solo... I can never enjoy drum solos with obviously fake drum sounds. Ehh.

You can skip the Heavy Riff and go straight to the pre-chorus after The Beat Returns.

Third solo is... Well, it's okay if you have it low in the mix.

Overall, pretty damn nice, but like I said, you should just memorize where you put effects and stuff, instead of making a note-for-note replica.
dude that's exactly the kind of response I was looking for. Thanks a lot, I agree on basically EVERYTHING you said. And about the recording of this song, I'm just buying time until I'm able to do so. About three months to go, until I get back home, then the song comes to life.
Thanks again though