This should probably go in gear building and customization, but I would rather get the information from a bass player.

I will be ordering a custom neck from Warmoth for a bass I'm going to be building over summer break from college. It's a Wenge neck with a Bloodwood fingerboard and I'm going to match it with a mahogany body. Very nice, just what I'm looking for. While customizing the neck it gave me the option for what type of fretwire I wanted. Now, I have no idea what the difference between the various types of fretwire are (6100, 6105, etc.) I was just curious what these numbers mean, is it the gauge? If so, are the lower numbers thicker or thinner? This info will help me out greatly.

When I get all of the parts, I'll update you all on the building process and how it turns out.
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jumbo fretwire, your fingers are farther from the fretboard
slender, your fingers will still e touching it even with perfect technique.

wider fretwire would add a little more mass, no doubt giving a wee bit more sustain.

thinner fretwire will stay somewhat where the note is supposed to go, allowing it to sound with better intonation.
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