Im looking for a good midi keyboard, but at a fairly cheap price. It can be the 25 key or the 49 key variety and it must be around £50. Can anybody help me out with some makes/models for around that?
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I have the perfect thing:

I have one - it's very good. The keys feel solid.
You can change which octave to play in (to solve 25 key problem) - can be very useful to play a low chord, and while holding the chord, octave up and play a little riff [chord will stay low].

USB as well - so if you don't have any MIDI inputs, etc., you can still play.
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korg nano, I have it, it's awesome

25 keys, but octave up and down etc.

perfect sounds!

buy it! buy it now!
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M-Audio Oxygen 8v2

It's a direct USB connection, no MIDI interface needed. It also has a decent amount of controls so you can use it efficiently as part of your DAW.

It's not under 50, but I don't think any MIDI controller worth buying is anyway.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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I have the M-Audio Keyrig49, and it is amazingly awesome! It might be a little more expensive, but worth it because you'll want the 49 keys... Good luck!
^ When I was researching getting one the Keyrig seemed pretty damn good for the money, still havnt got round to buying it yet though.