http://guitarliving.com/?p=288 this is the post. Show us your pedal board at guitarliving. I am sure viewers would like to see what others are using for their sound. That post will be on the community section of the page, as it is images from the guitarists community.

Check out the reviews there too if you want. Its relatively new, so I still have to post more. I would also apreciate help with tutorials, if anyone is interested in writing some.

There it is. Let us see, your pedal board.
I am sure there are some rocking pedal boards, or effect rigs you guys got. Racks and the like are welcome too.

Thank you
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already a thread for this, use the search bar
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This is for his website guys. Jesus, the thread isn't detrimental to the community or anything, relax a little.
Well, someone posted a really cool pedalboard there. With a mistery ENGL floor board.

Keep em coming.

Thanks for your support.

If anyone wants any unit reviewed, let me know, and ill see If I can get my hands on whatever unit it is for review. Last I was asked to review the Turbo Tuner. I have to say best in the market.
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