Ok, im considering getting either a Heritage VTX or a ValveKing. (both 212 combo.)

I play metal at local gigs (coffee shops, clubs......) so would either of these work for me? If not, what would you recommend in that price range? On-board fx/distortion really doesn't effect me because i have all that stuff on a pedal board... And I'm not looking for an insane metal amp just yet...just something that sounds good on a budget until I get another job.

Look for a used Mesa F-50 or DC-5 combo. Will rape both of those amps in sound quality and last you a lot longer.

If you really need an amp new though, the B-52 AT-112 is a steal for the price they're asking right now.
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what is your budget???
if its about $500 i suggest looking for a used XXX or the stuff Matrix suggested you.
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