Anyone try or review the Kent Armstrong Toaster pickups that look identical to the Rickenbacker toaster pickups like in John Lennon's Ric 325?


There's one on ebay and WD music


It seems to be an exact fit for a Ric toaster or a P90.

I'd like to install them into a Les paul or a PRS to see what it sounds like.

Please help
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I recently put Kent Armstrong toaster pickups in my Gretsch Pro Jet. It was very easy as they are a perfect fit and the leads just connect to the selector switch. The toasters are an exact VISUAL reproduction of the Rickenbacker toasters. They give the guitar a much brighter and jangly tone, but not as much as my Rick 325 with real toasters. This may be due to body type, etc. But the Kent Armstrong toasters are only about 50 bucks each as opposed to several hundred for real rick toasters.