i had the name of a website where you could get paid to write articles on a variety of subjects, but i cant remember the name. Do you know of such websites?
Wow, I'd love to know what's the name, PM me if you remember it.
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i tried googling it but cant come up with anything. I just remember a few months back looking through the application process...it started with an s i think
when you get it pm me too
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it appears you have your own mailing list, TS.

congrats. lol
Newsvine does this too, but don't expect to make much. Plus the site's been going downhill since MSNBC bought it.


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Sounds like a scam.
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Is there an age limit? I could seriously use that!
Although i'd have to convert the $$ to ££ cos I'm in the UK

You wouldn't get much to be honest.
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