I write songs as well as poetry, this is a poem I wrote recently that I'm rather fond of. Enjoy

The Undertaker

I am he
The barrier between eternal life, and eternal pain
What they seek once hope has forsaken them
I see death; it passes without a word
A quiet wind there a moment, gone
The stones are serene, never changing, never leaving
My heart is torn, ever changing, always leaving
The dead my companions, all given what’s deserved
I am their keeper, only given what’s earned
I fear not the plunge
Completing the irony, that which is my life
That the dead has died
As they rot on the outside, I rot on the inside
Worms in my core, fever on surface
Home a faraway place
Six feet under, so much closer
I’ve traded my life for one that won’t siphon
I’ve given my sanity, replaced by my shovel
The strength to go on
Given by those no longer needing it
My icy constitution has long since melted
The fluidity of my days takes care of the thirst
I still hunger for what I once had
It then comes through my gates on a hearse
A sigh escapes
So long since an emotion
Years since any have breached my walls
My time has come
I’ve made the bed I am to lay in for my eternity
As I lay dying
I hope my screams will ignite your passion
I hope my pain will bring tears to your eyes
I hope my failure will inspire life
I know I’ll be forgotten
But I will live on through the mistakes I’ve made
My saving grace