My band just finished recording our first demo and it's on our myspace now!

Tell me what you think! It's pretty rough, but it's all good. Link is in the sig! Event.Horizon.
I'm wrighting as I go here... Track One: I like the sound, althought the guitar gets a little monotinous in places, and I kept wanting the vocals to have a higher part too, overall I like it though. Mandala and Bamboo Bowls: Where's the drums?!? I really like the music sounds great.

Thoughts on my band would be appreciated...
Thanks man for the input. All those other tracks besides Track One and ilikenaps were done at my house with just me and my guitar. That's just a quick demo but the newer songs that we're coming up with will have higher vocals. We've got it all planned out
The overall sound of the song is kinda jumbled. It's not clear. So I can only comment the song as a whole. I like the opening part. The song starts with distortion and gets the attention of the listener. The shift to a soft part is a good idea. The guitar parts are no so clear and as the other crit, it kinda gets monotonous. IMHO, the verse and overall soft part is too long. If you could make the subtle differences in the soft parts e.g. soft on the verse, refrain a little bit louder. The strumming is too straightforward (I mean the sound, not the way you strum). There is also the usual suspect: timing. Kudos to the background sound fills. It gives the song atmosphere (eery one IMO). The transition to the heavy part at 4.01 is great. I was waiting for that since the short break in 2 min. something. The other thing I liked was the ending. It was nice and suits the entire theme of the song.

If you re-record it I'll gladly listen to it and crit it again.

Just my thoughts.


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