Due to costs of private lessons at a music store, my family has chosen to get a tutor for me.

How do I know who's a good tutor? And are there any MAJOR draw backs in having a tutor?

Also my dad did play guitar for many years, so he will be helping me choose.
I am kinda in the same situation, but as a start, I believe each teacher has experience in certain genre of music, such as : American fingerstyle, Jazz/Blues, Blue Grass etc, therefore I advise you to pick a teacher that shares the same taste in music as you and choose a teacher that can teach you that specific category of music that you wish to learn. In most cases, the higher the cost per session, the more experienced the tutor is. Mainly tutors can help you prevent bad habits from developing and pretty much guide you in the right step of learning to play the instrument. Tutor's also help implement their personal practice experience in their sessions to help you progress in playing. Theres not much of a drawback in getting lessons, you just have to try and see if it fits you or that you are comfortable in truly adapting to the teachings of the tutor. If you have the money, why not get a tutor . Good luck
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I want to be classically trained, but I don't want to finger pick.

That's an awkward one, to be classically trained on most instruments usually entails, amongst many other things, studying the repertiore from past styles and eras, baroque, romantic etc. For guitar that really requires fingerstyle, I hardly see many rockers or jazz guys providing much appreciation of renaissance style etc. Nevertheless, your interpretation of "classical training" might differ from mine.