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Personally I like a regular 6-point tremolo. I don't use it heavily enough to warrant a locking system, but I use it enough to warrant having at least one guitar with something.

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and there's no poll? whats the point then?
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First of all, it's stupid to make a thread like this without mentioning genuinely different contraptions such as Kahler and TremoLogic.

In my opinion the best you can get is a non recessed original Edge or perhaps an OFR, again non recessed. Total tuning stability, great range for divebombs, and no string tension quirks.
I'm guessing OP wants to know what the best Floyd Rose style vibrato is, not traditional Fender-style bridges or other oddball systems.

If you're looking at locking vibratos like Floyd Rose designs, the best you can get are the Original Floyd Rose and the Schaller Floyd Rose copy. They're about equal, though the Schaller version gives a slightly more mellow tone and the fine tuners are moved slightly so not so much wood has to be taken out of the body to fit the bridge.
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Most of it is up to user preference.

I really like an Ibanez ZR Tremolo Bridge myself. You can adjust the spring tension very easily, and I like that it has a ball-bearing based joint which, in theory, will provide greater stability over time.

Plus, it can take one hell of a beating.
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Steinberger trems (T, S, and R-trems, in that order). Routing one to fit a regular guitar....difficult to say the least, but if you want tuning stability and the ability to change the pitch of all your strings equally, you have to pay the price.
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I agree that in practice, the Steinberger TransTrems are the best. However, in terms of feel it comes down to taste, as in terms of quality, Schallers, German OFRs, Gotoh/Edge, and Kahler (fulcrum) trems are all good units. I like Gotoh's because of the lighter feel and they are comfortable. Kahlers and even the Edge ZR are a close second as they are so smooth.
Gotoh/Edge/Kahler Spyder, then Schaller/OFR.
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Why all the disregard for Ibanez trems? The high end ones are probably among the best trems you can buy; the ZR is just a marvel of engineering.