Not sure if this is the right place to put this but...

My amp isn't the greatest amp in the world, in fact, not even close (look in my sig). It's close to being worse than turd when it comes to tone. Now my guitar (Fender Strat) I have almost no problem with, its awesome plays very nicely and its a great guitar for the price.

I know most of you would automatically say go for a new amp, and frankly that's how I felt at first too since I would love to hear something nicer then a Fender Frontman tone.

Here's the problem: my guitar doesn't do well with lower tunings because of the setup. I love bands like All That Remains, As I Lay Dying and other bands that mainly use D standard and Drop C tuning. Because of this, I've always wanted to get a guitar that can handle those tunings (especially D standard). I want to use my strat for blues mostly and "cleaner" playing but because most of the stuff I'd like to play doesn't work well with my strat (not "heavy" enough), I'm losing motivation to practice which obviously isn't helping my guitar playing.

So UG what would you recommend I do? Should I get a new amp so my tone is nicer when I play? Or should I get a new guitar that will allow me to start playing the stuff I'd really like to play and gain more motivation?

Thanks and sorry if it sounds like I'm whining or something.
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amp definitely. the guitar should take care of itself with the new amp - to a certain extent
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Yeah new amp.
But get something with good cleans, then an awesome dist./overdrive pedal

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Whatever the case is, I'm pretty sure you need a new amp. When you get a new amp I'm sure you will be more motivated to play with the newly found tone.
definitaly the amp, but heavier strings may help out too.
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A new amp will work wonders. As a guy above me said, something with good cleans and CRUSHING OVERDRI-... I mean good distortion

Might I interest you in the Randall RM50? Two channels that consist of interchangeable modules, allowing you to get whatever tone you want Or maybe a Krank Rev Jr. Pro, which has both great cleans AND great distortion, but without the modular capabilities provided by the Randall. Much cheaper too
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I'm a big advocate of buying new guitars if they mean boosted motivation. Tone is nice, but having a badass guitar makes you want to keep on playing all the time. I vote go for a guitar next.
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id say amp, probably about 85% of your tone is the amp, about 10% is the pups, and the rest is kinda divided up depending on the woods of the guitar body and neck, and as everyone has said, heavier strings would help.
Depending on your budget, you could get a nice amp with a decent new guitar. However, if it's one or the other, i vote for amp in this case. I do recommend you try to look for good deals though, so you can have more money left for saving for a new guitar.
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So UG what would you recommend I do?

For the heavier stuff and drop tunings I recommend a guitar with a decent humbucker in the bridge and an amp designed for metal.

What is the budget here?
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If most of the stuff you play doesn't work well with the strat then sell the strat and buy a new guitar and amp.
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Well you said yourself you have almost no problem with your guitar so I would definitely say new amp. You could very easily set-up your guitar (or have it set-up) with heavier gauge strings for drop tuning. You might not even need a set-up I find that even with .11s I can pull of drop C though it is a titch on the flimsy side.
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id say amp, probably about 85% of your tone is the amp, about 10% is the pups, and the rest is kinda divided up depending on the woods of the guitar body and neck, and as everyone has said, heavier strings would help.

and all of that makes 20% of your tone. The rest of it comes from you.
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amp for sure.

when I play bassy stuff through my solid state amp, it sounds bad and muffled. Through my tube amp it sounds amazing. I love the clean channel on my newer amp. Same guitar, way different tones..
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Normally I always say guitar, because technique and the instrument you learn to play on is more important to me in the long run, but since you already have a decent strat. AMp for sure and like someone else already said the amp will take care of your tone issues.
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Are you playing in a band at the moment, or thinking of joining one? If so, an amp would undoubtedly be more useful. However, the point raised about a new guitar possibly raising motivation levels was quite well-made. Personally, I'm not sure that it would be worth it to purchase a whole new instrument just to experiment with a few new tunings. If you were planning to play slide guitar or something like that, then sure; the guitar needed for such a different style would probably warrant a separate buy. On the other hand, if you're only using Drop C and D tuning, an easier way to play those songs you enjoy so much would be to manipulate the MP3's pitch using Audacity or a similar program and just use Standard or Drop D tuning instead. Hopefully that helps! It's my shortcut out of tuning my guitar sometimes, anyway.
Wow so many replies, thanks everyone

Well budget would be around $500-1000, depending on how much I continue to save from here until June, birthday money and graduation money. If I can get around $1000 then I would probably buy both a new amp and a new guitar but it's only about 2 months until then so who knows if it'll happen.

It seems like many of you are recommending a new amp and just to get my strat setup (or I guess transcribe songs from those tunings to like Drop D/Standard), so I guess I'll do that and get a new guitar a bit later (btw I'm not in a band right now but eventually I would like to do some stuff with people).

I know this isn't the forum for amp questions so I'll post a different thread later in there, but, just in general, would a high-end solid state give me a tone that is close to a tube amp? And if not, how much would it cost to be replacing the tubes?
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i would get a new amp. I had the mother turd of guitars, with its sister of an amp.
I got a brand new 30w peavey and good god did the guitar sound good!

However as mentioned before a new amp may not motivate you as much as a new guitar would.

Ahh get the amp dude, no point having a great guitar if you dont get an equally good amp.
I suggest a bugera 6262 for a low budget, its quite the amp
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