I've been playin for about 5 years now and i've been using the same old crap since i started. I've decieded to start all over and get a new guitar and amp. After searching for a guitar in my price range, i found a guitar i really like more than the others i've tried. I'm gettin the Epiphone G-400 SG.
That leaves the amp.....
Im lookin for a decent amp that will last a while. I'm into classic rock- hard rock. Not much of anything else. Like any other guy, i like playin the solos too.(if that makes a differance??) My price range is $150-250. I know that won't get me anything spectacular but it would definitaly be better than what i've got.
Thanks in advance for your help UG!
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How loud does your amp need to be?

Are you just playing by yourself or are you in a band or do you jam with people?

Crate v18 would be pretty good in any case though.
If you're willing to go used, have a look around for a Peavey Windsor or Valveking, they are good amps for the money. You may have to save for a little longer though.
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try to find a used vox or valve junior.