I was wondering what the best pedal out there for amp modelling was? Im not interesting in FX or trickery, just simple amp modelling... let me explain. Firstly, I just play the electric for myself, no gigging, so i want a wide range of tones to mess with. I also dont have an amp anymore so I was thinking of getting a keyboard amp/PA and a modeller so I can have great tone in my bedroom

Me and my girfriend are thinking of gigging an acoustic set when we polish it and get it good, so Im thinking of picking up a Laney keyboard amp to use as a PA amplifier type thing so I can mic up my acoustic and her and play small pubs and that. I also thought, why buy that AND an amp for my electric when I can kill 2 birds with one stone and use that as an amplifier for both if I get something like a Tonelab...

So my question really, is what is the best amp modelling pedal out there for use with a keyboard amp? which has the best natural sounding modelling?

Ive owned a Tonelab LE and loved it, but it was a bit dark sounding with my laney valve amp, which im sure wouldnt be a problem with an FRFR keyboard amp, but i thought id check to see if there was something better I could get? I am only interested in amp modelling and I dont play metal... what would be best for me? I want anything from SRV to GNR... is the tonelab the best for this? does it sound good with a keyboard amp?

I hope I make sense,
hmm didnt think about that - id say £300 tops

id be willing to go second hand (obviously id have to to get a gt-10 in that budget)

id still be interested to know what the best is, regardless of price too
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here are some good ones: line 6 pod X3, boss gt-10, digitech rp 1000

id suggest tryin em out, see what you like
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well, id go with that X3, it is quality stuff. also, you can use it for vocal effects, bass, and recording
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bit pricey that rp1000. Ill definately try out that x3 if i can. ive heard it sounds thinner and more digital than the tonelab, has anyone had experience comparing amp modellers?
The Line 6 pod xt and x3 live are the best at amp simulation. I think the boss is awesome with better effects, but amp simulation alone, definately the pods.
i think ive narrowed it down to either the Tonelab or the POD XT (X3 just seems too pricey for extra features and amp models i probably wont use)

Ive heard by looking at other forums that the Tonelab is better at clean, crunch and classic rock tones, and the XT is better at hard rock and metal tones. Can anyone confirm this?

Im wanting to play mainly GnR/Slash type stuff but I also play SRV type blues and classic rock, so if the above is true im still stuck! I did get a pretty decent Slash tone on my old tonelab LE that I stupidly sold, but with the amount of gear I used to get that stuff all tweaked to hell, im not sure it would be the same on a keyboard amp...

edit: thanks nyandres